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    [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) After finishing David Foster Wallace’s Girl With Curious Hair I had to step back awhile before reviewing in fear I would simply come across as an overzealous cheerleader yelling ‘Give me a DGive me a FGive me a W’ Like a teen

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    [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) David Foster Wallace Ó 0 CHARACTERS BEGINNING OF AN AFFAIRI saw him many times around here since I joined the GR Club Sometimes having tete a tete with one of my friends and sometimes being the cynosure of some group discussions I thought of approach

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    REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster Wallace [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) My main response to reading Wallace is that I’m not clever enough to read Wallace I go through long periods in his fictio

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    READ Girl with Curious Hair David Foster Wallace Ó 0 CHARACTERS [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) Expressionless Little Animals It's 1976 The sky is low and full of clouds The gray clouds are bulbous and wrinkled and shiny The sky looks ce

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    [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) The following came up in the comment thread of my review of Oblivion StoriesThe I think about it the I would recommend that people new to DFW start with his first short stories collection Girl with Curious Hair His first two books the novelhis college thesis paper The Broom of the System and the recently aforementioned short storie

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    READ Girl with Curious Hair [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) This collection encompasses only ten texts but as usual DFW serves us A LOT of content Mostly he dissects society by finding narrative chiffres for media and pop culture and it's intense and wild and fascinating but unfortunately he also displays his most annoying tendencies by overwriting some material in the most show offy way imaginable Still when this guy is going strong he is simply mind blowing so I jus

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    [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster Wallace I am a DFW completist Recently I have been suffering an anxiety that I had in fact not completed his first book of short stories Gi

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    REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster Wallace [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) David Foster Wallace Ó 0 CHARACTERS Guy With Furious Hair or The Toga Party Little of this life has been spent considering deathPaternal grandparents never known died as words on the page of a letter received long after the event; maternal grandpare

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    REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster Wallace [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) Difficult brilliant jarring funny ironically earnest and earnestly ironic with the limpidity of apostasy and the remote functionality of an egg white toaster I just wanted to grab myself by the front of my shirt and pull myself into this dizzyingly dexterous series of fictional contortions wending through the labyrinth of self aware polymathic intelligence and meta situations to find the author—standing apart from cre

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    [Read] (Girl with Curious Hair) REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster Wallace READ Girl with Curious Hair David Foster Wallace turns the short story upside down and inside out making the adjectives 'inventive' 'uniue' and 'original' seem blasé —

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READ Girl with Curious Hair

CHARACTERS Ç Girl with Curious Hair Aphic evocations of historical figures like Lyndon Johnson and overtelevised game show hosts and late night comedians to the title story where termi. Expressionless Little Animals It s 1976 The sky is low and full of clouds The gray clouds are bulbous and wrinkled and shiny The sky looks cerebral Under the sky is a field in the wind A pale highway runs beside the field Lots of cars go by One of the cars stops by the side of the highway Two small children are brought out of the car by a young woman with a loose face A man at the wheel of the car stares straight ahead The children are silent and have very white skin The woman carries a grocery bag full of something heavy Her face hangs loose over the bag She brings the bag and the white children to a wooden fencepost by the field by the highway The children s hands which are small are placed on the wooden post The woman tells the children to touch the post until the car returns She gets in the car and the car leaves There is a cow in the field near the fence The children touch the post The wind blows Lots of cars go by They stay that way all day A haunting story as life partners Faye Goddard and Julie Smith struggle with one e identity the pursuitimportance of knowledge growing up in less than pleasant circumstances and addiction Wallace seems to be saying a lot about knowledge Particularly in light of his straight A student status throughout high schoolI received 500000 discrete bits of information today he once said of which maybe 25 are important My job is to make some sense of it 5 stars Luckily The Account Representative Knew CPR I thought I had a pretty clear sense of his style Alas I was pleasantly mistaken as evidenced below Each received to the varying degrees their respective pains allowed an intuition of the askew as in the neatly stacked slices of lit space between the executive and the distant lament of a custodian s vacuum the Building s very silence took on expression they sensed almost spinally the slow release of great breath a spatial sigh a slightly sly movement of huge lids cracked in wakened affinity with the emptiness that was after all the reasonable executive realizes half the Building s total day The prose is unnecessarily verbose it s practically painful to read in fact but at the same time it s genius in its beauty and scope It s also uite succinct The parallels drawn here and in Little Expressionless Animals fascinates me But I digress There are elements here that are vague while at others sometimes simultaneously incredibly lucid Clever imaginative thought provoking and creative To put it simply it s everything that the former isn t 425 stars Girl With Curious Hair I d heard about the humor that s often staple of DFW s work but in every sense of the word I truly couldn t have prepared myself for his unparalleled sense of humor which borders on hilarious and absurd Beneath the comic relief however are glimpses of mind numbing horror and violence The subject matter is frankly disturbing sadistic and ultimately entertaining Which brings me to my next point said violence and escalating nihilism of the world was obviously a concern of Wallace s when he wrote this and I think it s relevant than ever before In many ways the title story reminds me of the 1990 s cult classic Natural Born Killers Ahh the addictiveness of violence There is much to this rare gem that I simply won t go into its execution phenomenal that I can give it nothing less than 5 stars Lyndon Right and wrong ain t wordsThey re feelings In your guts and intestines and such Not words Not songs with guitars They re what make you feel like you do They re inside you Your heart and digestion Like the folks you personally love This is a complex story about sacrifice the meaning of right and wrong it s all relative isn t it politics and the Vietnam War Wallace also explores heterohomosexuality and it s done in such a way as to be completely unbiased There s a certain dignity to both lifestyles which suggests an euality there Like Little Expressionless Animals I m taken aback by its beauty And this is coming from someone that doesn t really believe in homosexuality mind you I think that highly of these stories 4 stars John Billy I love a good vengeful tale and this offering speaks volumes There s a sense of anticipation as it unravels strongly contrasted with DFW s trademark humor vivid descriptions and surreal energy The prose is very dense and verbose resulting in several dictionary consults and having to go back and re read some passages Another element I particularly enjoyed and found interesting was the satire like use of cliche s and generalizations of rural Oklahoma Ordinarily I d frown upon such techniues cliche s being one of my absolute biggest pet peeves but seen here not to mention the title story which is much extensive and over the top I couldn t help but love and appreciate what he achieved It s absurd really Was any of it real Or are we just dreams within a dream What really happened that fateful day between T Rex and C Nunn Jr It s all open to interpretation 4 stars Here And ThereSo far this is the most challenging of the collection While the subject matter is uite mundane the techniues used are not For one the prose isn t linear Secondly the dialogue is never identified Not only that the entire 20 pages consists of their dialogue But once I get a feel for the trio it was pretty easy to follow and identify them reminiscent of stream of consciousness Wallace delves much deeper than that though The setting reads as two very bitter dysfunctional individuals in the midst of couple s counseling The third character being of course the professional mediator making said dialogue difficult to discern Wallace pays homage to Kurt Godel the story s dedicated to him in fact He also explores themes such as lexicons particularly the theorized death of poetry and the imperfection of humanity 4 stars My Appearance In every facet of our lives are we all genuine all of the time Do circumstances dictate our level of sincerity v disingenious Or does this only apply to celebrities such as David Letterman Is he a righteous phony merely striving for increasingly high Nielsen ratings Or does the age old adage apply What you seen is what you get Further do you honestly believe that no one is really the way they have to be seen And if we as a society truly feel the need to be fraudulent what makes us feel this way Our peers the media insecurities 35 stars Say NeverWe get claws the shape of our face is the shape of our skull our lips retreat back from big teeth like we re baring to snarl Sharp snarling old who should wonder at how nobody cares if I hurt except another snarler Wow I don t even know what to say There s a tenderness that I hadn t experienced from DFW before not to this extent at least let alone suspected I simply love the close friendship between Mrs Tagus and Mr Labov It s a closeness that feels palpable akin to a beloved elderly couple you ve known for years though they are just really close friends They ve known one another for may decades In fact they view spoilercomforted one another when their spouses died hide spoiler

REVIEW È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ó David Foster WallaceGirl with Curious Hair

CHARACTERS Ç Girl with Curious Hair Nal punk nihilism meets Young Republicanism Wallace renders the incredible comprehensible the bizarre normal the absurd hilarious the familiar stran. I am a DFW completist Recently I have been suffering an anxiety that I had in fact not completed his first book of short stories Girl with Curious Hair It was time to reread it and banish those anxieties In fact best of my memory I had cut out several years back mid stride of Lyndon Never mind why Who would want to ask I had with clear evidence of memory read the entirety of Westward under a tree in my backyard upon a blanket mom made Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern which had once belonged to my younger sister and we usually recently used for packing material from childhood on a day of one hundred three degrees no humidity But between half a Lyndon and all of Westward What had I missed Some of it but not all of itUsing the Zehn Sternen Review System ZSRS for Kurtz it s metric so as to allow decimal points I ll dink off the little stories in this book But be cautioned that despite the critical and analytic reputation I like to cultivate for myself here on goodreads I m theoretically a full on blank when it comes to short stories I get that they ve got to be tight and somehow unified and all that stuff you learned in your short story writing classes in high school and college but I mean that stuff all went out the window didn t it when Borges and Barthelme decided that they could write short stories without stories Never mind Just mind that I ve no critical apparatus except for the chip on my shoulder that so godsdamn many reviewers on goodreads wish that their novels would have been written in the short story form could have used an editor to excise three hundred AND 61 pages of unnecessary divergent digressive long winded self indulgence that kind of thing But so anyways right here goes 55 Little Expressionless Animals How many imaginary and facetious answers do we need to have to the uestion Why did I become a lesbian I won t confess to being ever as endeared to game show hosts as Dave would suggest I must have been 01 Luckily the Account Representative Knew CPR Fear of solipsism Even if the solipsism is only raised to the encounter of two in a barren concrete parking garage that s than an isolated singularity isn t it 89 Girl With Curious Hair Loved it What a great voice Lyndon The second story with homosexual characters But what are those words supposed to mean those words about suffering placed in Lyndon s mouth Not good Possibly disingenuous John Billy The thing that I most regret apparently having passed over years back when first partially reading this collection Exploding fields of sheep Yep John Billy is an epic hero 09 Here and There A nice bit of couples therapy Well transcribed 47 My Appearance An early attempt on Dave s part to address his anxiety about the debilitating effects of irony and his proposed solution as to how to address oneself to an overburdening and possibly destructive ironic encounter Say Never Infidelity But can we be done already with this line about over rationalizing and hiding behind intellectualism as a mode of avoiding emotional vulnerability Dave knows how to preach and sometimes preaches things one would like to preach and does preach but heavy handed at times isn t it 24689 Everything is Green What Is this a prose poem Is the density in the story or in my head Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way The novella that makes the book and a piece which carries us from Broom to IJ What it is It is Dave s early capitulation to the fact of the self reflective nature of noveling what he attempts and fails to exteriorize as metafiction It is Dave s carrying out of the strategy announced earlier in My Appearance We all know the story of Westward being written in the margins of Barth s Lost in the Funhouse reuired reading for DFW ites but what is the thing about written in the margins of Cynthia Ozick s Usurpation Other People s Stories p 294 of Westward contains the first seven lines of Usurpation from Cynthia Ozick s Bloodshed and Three Novellas from the copyright page Anyone got a line on that oneAll in All A nice collection which on its own should be a huge credit to a young talent It should forever properly live in the shadow of Infinite Jest but not every book can be a novel of the centuryAs to the Incompletion status of my Completionism I ve got the following outstanding Richard Taylor s Appendix piece in Fate Time and Language which is not technically a Completion Failure Signifying Rappers which is finally being offered again on the market next year some time The conversations with and interviews etc volumes which were not written by Dave but which contain his words and which I ve likely read somewhen most of The various critical volumes which have been appearing in recent years Likely most of that stuff over on the Howling Fantods site under the rubric Uncollected DFW And that extra material added to the paperback of The Pale King Perhaps I m just boycotting the shameless behavior of the publisher Something elseNeophytes please read Infinite Jest first Everything else makes sense and has its worthwhile because of IJ Veterans of DFW should gander at the parallels early DFW expresses with early William T Vollmann Namely each of their first novels and their first short story collections The audience of those four works should overlap to an astonishing degree What do you read having read Broom You Bright and Risen Angels contractually reuired statement of WTV endorsement accomplishedA piece by Jenn Shapland emerging DFW scholar her piece on Girl With Curious Hair particularly regarding WestwardGirl With Curious Hair is not exactly David Foster Wallace s best known or loved or remembered work but it is a monumental one These are ten stories or nine stories and one deadly novella in which serious literary and syntactic muscles are flexed And yet to me the stories are accessible even intimate Wallace is a moralist His stories bear witness to much than the verbal trapeze act he s known for

David Foster Wallace Ó 0 CHARACTERS

CHARACTERS Ç Girl with Curious Hair Girl with Curious Hair is replete with David Foster Wallace's remarkable and unsettling reimaginations of reality From the eerily real almost hologr. After finishing David Foster Wallace s Girl With Curious Hair I had to step back awhile before reviewing in fear I would simply come across as an overzealous cheerleader yelling Give me a DGive me a FGive me a W Like a teenage romance I was so blinded by my love for this collection and author that I wasn t sure exactly what it was I loved so much and if this brightly burning passion was distracting me from the flaws and faults that I wouldn t realize were there until much later After giving some time to reflect my overzealousness has hardly died down and through some helpful and insightful discussions and rereads of the stories with others I highly recommend reading Garima s wonderfully comprehensive review I have not only been able to pinpoint my feelings on the book but my appreciation has only continued to grow The stories in this collection while each varying dramatically at times in terms of style and voice all seem to reflect upon the psychological implications of existing in the modern era of media and social pressures Girl is an excellent introduction into the works of DFW offering an exciting page turning look at a wide variety of his chameleon like styles and an introductory look into themes he would toy with and expand upon for the whole of his stunning career Written in his mid 20s Wallace already demonstrates a piercing intellect coupled with a seemingly effortless and strikingly versatile writing ability What finally convinced me to read DFW who almost instantly rose through the ranks of favorite authors was a small discussion on him in James Wood s How Fiction Works Although the Wood was using the story Mister Suishy from DFW s later short story collection Oblivion Wood discusses how Wallace as well as Pynchon and DeLillo are ready and willing to become to impersonate what he describes even when the subject itself is debased vulgar boring This ability is made most apparent in the title story where Wallace narrates from the poetically void perspective of an extremely narcissistic and arguably sociopathic young republican attorney Other good examples is the way he allows the society of his characters to control the narration and most noticeably the syntax of other stories as well such as John Billy and Everything is Green There are also several stories included whose characters and story allow for of his own personal voice making room for literary discussions and terminology in Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way and as in Here a discussion on the blending of mathematics and poetry Wallace as shown in this useful wiki article majored in both English and Philosophy focusing on modal logic and mathematicsA major theme through the course of Wallace s work was his dissection of media and entertainment Here the reader can see Wallace s early musings on the subject examining popular entertainment in stories such as Little Expressionless Animals which alone is worth the price of the book and It is interesting to see how the implications of these stories have only become poignant with age My Appearance a story discussing the way late 80s entertainment such as David Letterman made money ridiculing the exact things that have put him in a position to make money ridiculing things takes on a whole new meaning seeing it from todays standards where Letterman s ridiculing and humor is rather benign compared to much of the other insensitive and cutting media satires on television DFW explores the way society has come to tear down anything and anyone that takes itself seriously and the only defense is to be self ridiculing and laugh at oneself He argues that nobody really wants to see someone succeed they want to see someone rise to the top merely to tear and claw at them as they fall from great heights and feast on their corpse They don t want someone to talk about how great and serious they are but only to mock the very things they take serious In this story we see early examples of using the joke to manipulate the very same audience that parodies had made fun of them for manipulating that were thematically crucial to his later masterpiece Infinite Jest While exploring entertainment Wallace is able to create a highly entertaining work as well The method of which he delivers his stories takes on an almost Hollywood approach when reflecting back on the final passage of the title story a scene spiraling out of control narrated as if all of the action is occurring in slow motion it rises in the mind as if it were a film I had viewed instead if a story I had read He manages to construct such a vivid image through spatial diagramming the scene with his descriptions and flawlessly illustrating the flow of motion The scenes of Little Expressionless Animals are cut up and rearranged like a Tarantino film allowing for an emotional impact through the descriptions of a scene to occur before examining and explaining the emotional and psychological significance later on It keeps the reader turning pages seeking out the piece of the puzzle that once fit to the rest brings the whole picture into focus At times Wallace does tend to serve up a characters backstory to explain why they are the way they are in one big unsubtle scoop but this scoop is served on a golden platter of intellect as a side to the delicious story that it is hardly worth criticizing him over The most blatant example is in the story Girl With Curious Hair when the sexual deviance of the narrator and the fiery conseuences enforced by his father are revealed during an acid trip which allows the reader to draw their own connections from his childhood to his current sociopathic behavior 1 To simply conclude as such would be cause to moan yet Wallace offers a brilliant non ending that allows for the reader to decide how the final scene plays out Suddenly the reader must become aware of their own opinions on the character judging for themselves if the narrator is able to change or is purely a monster There are several key moments in this collection where the significance of the ending is left ambiguous most notably in the wonderful and personal favorite Luckily The Accountant Knew CPR or in the case of Everything Is Green the whole story and all it s implications are ambiguous and allows for a reader participation that offers both insight into the characters and the character of the readerThe post modernist are clearly an influence on Wallace yet he manages to let his own voice and style take its own shape under their guidance in this collection There were a few points primarily the way each character or story has it s own little uirk something repeated a few times such as on character always taking Xanax where I briefly caught comparisons to Chuck Palahniuk I only mention this as the two authors seem to have a few similar influences but to compare DFW at his earliest to Palahniuk at his best is to Wallace s credit than anything Wallace grew to be mentioned in the same breath amongst his influences instead of a become a brief stepping stone in the reading career of a young reader on their way towards those influences as Chuck P became at least that is how it happened for me Chuck P led me to DeLillo and Pynchon at the end of high school when his style began to grate on me and I thirsted for something greater There are times when Wallace is clearly Pynchonesue where Wallace openly expands on Barth s Lost in the Funhouse or how the story Lyndon seems to have been influenced or inspired by Donald Barthelme s story Robert Kennedy Saved From Drowning but it reads as a celebration of genius a salute to his influences as he marches forth into the fields of literature than a mere rehash and nod to greater authors Despite all the love I ve been spewing for this collection I should probably touch on the downsides to offer a fair warning John Billy which being a great exercise in diction something he would later employ with great talent in Jest is cumbersome and leaves the reader feeling underwhelmed after exerting so much to follow the story Say Anything is another that the word exercise should apply to It felt as if Wallace was attempting to sharpen his skills narrating a story from the least interested or possibly the least expected member of the story while demonstrating versatility over style within one story The ideas can be deduced and examined yet it felt lacking compared to the stand out stories While I loved Westward those adverse towards metafiction should steer clear as it is essentially metafiction of metafiction I have seen the argument that Wallace s sentencing is overly difficult and run on to the horizon his techniues are something I greatly enjoy It wasn t until after reading multiple complaints of his style that I noticed how long his sentences were In his defense Wallace is a self declared grammar nerd so at least you can be assured he keeps to proper form and grammar If you are looking for a great accessible introduction to the man Himself or are an old fan looking for I give the highest of recommendations to Girl With Curious Hair While I must admit a few stories were less than loveable on the whole this collection is a joy His intellect shines brightly from every page and his acute observations such as the fat man walking being described as moving only via a shifting of weight from side to side a humanoid balloon with too much air will have you laughing while thinking that s so true Each story demonstrates a young artist coming into his own and gives hope to the future of literature This is accessible than his other works and while every book written later each displays a tremendous leap in growth writing ability compare the impressive vocabulary and technicalities of Oblivion to this one and footnotes none in this one but Girl is still wildly addictive and entertaining Crack it open and enter the mind of a genius4551 It has been suggested that the title story is Wallace s attempt to poke his elbow into the ribs of literary Brat Pack writers such as Bret Easton Ellis It has been speculated that Ellis recent negative commentary on DFW spawned from stories such as this Read the article by DFW s editor

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