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CHARACTERS ç Cycle of the Werewolf Woman attacked in her cozy bedroom Now scenes of unbelievable horror unfold each time the full moon shines on the isolated Maine town of Tarker’s Mills No one knows who will be attacked next But one thing is sure When. Under the light of the full moon a werewolf stalks the people of Tarker s Mills Can anyone stop The Cycle of the WerewolfI first read this in high school younger than my dog is now It took me a few chapters to realize that Silver Bullet was based on it Anyway I found it for a buck at a yard sale a couple years ago and decided I could use a rereadLike Kemper told me while I was reading it Cycle of the Werewolf is essentially a Stephen King calendar Each chapter is a month out of the year the werewolf is stalking the town accompanied by one or of Bernie Wrightson s fantastic illustrations Stephen King s writing is as crisp as ever Also he wrote this during his prime so it isn t bloated or over written in the leastI actually prefer the movie in this case It has a lot depth Marty Coslaw doesn t show up until halfway through the book The book and movie hit most of the same beats I think the book might rely on Bernie Wrightson s illustrations a little too much For the most part it s just a collection of werewolf attacks with not a lot else going on That being said I did like the structure with every chapter being a month of the werewolf s reign of terrorWhile it is strictly a B list Stephen King book Cycle of the Werewolf is by far the best Stephen King novel ever turned into a movie starring Cory Haim and Gary Busey Three out of five stars

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CHARACTERS ç Cycle of the Werewolf Terror began in January by the light of the full moonThe first scream came from the snowbound railwayman who felt the werewolf’s fangs ripping at his throat The next month there was a scream of ecstatic agony from the. I have always loved Silver Bullet This book is super short but full of awesome And the artwork is amazing I will add a few images in no particular order Loved it And of course now I want to watch Silver Bullet Mel

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CHARACTERS ç Cycle of the Werewolf The full moon rises a paralyzing fear sweeps through Tarker's Mills For snarls that sound like human words can be heard whining through the wind And all around are the footprints of a monster whose hunger cannot be sated. After I abandoned two werewolf novels The Silver Wolf by Alice Borchardt and Bitten by Kelley Armstrong that were nothing but Kibble I ran for cover with Cycle of the Werewolf a lycanthrope tale that I knew would deliver authored by Stephen King and illustrated by Bernie Wrightson the artist who d collaborated with King on the motion picture CreepshowPublished in limited edition hardcover in 1983 and mass market paperback in 1985 the project was the brainstorm of Land of Enchantment Press which approached King to pen twelve 500 word vignettes based on the months of the calendar with illustrations by Wrightson to accompany them King apparently found this production uota too restrictive and fleshed the vignettes into short chapters based on the concept of a werewolf slave to an astronomically creative version of the lunar cycle terrorizing the fictional town of Tarker s Mills The novella was thriftier than I remembered If the car wash is busy you could probably read the book in the time it takes to get your ride washed and waxed The vignettes are ghoulishly fun EC Comics inspired tales of terror with a werewolf stalking a fresh victim The monster movie or horror comics fan hiding in you will jump right out Wrightson s illustrations which include beautifully rendered two page black and white spreads introducing the new month are timelessly captivatingThe vignettes are ultimately pulled together by Marty Coslaw a member of the league which would include Mark Petrie in Salem s Lot and The Loser s Club in It children who ve read all the monster movie magazines collected the toys and recognize the threat to their community before the grown ups Marty stands out by virtue of being disabled he s confined to a wheelchair and his relationship with his Uncle Al who proves to be a attentive parent than Marty s mother or father The first thing Marty saw were the exotic Chinese markings on the package s label Then he saw what was inside and his heart seemed to sueeze up in his chest The cellophane package was full of fireworks The ones that look like pyramids are Twizzlers Uncle Al said Marty absolutely stunned with joy moved his lips to speak but nothing came outLight the fuses set them down and they spray as many colors as there are on a dragon s breath The tubes with the sticks coming out of them are bottle rockets Put them in an empty Coke bottle and up they go The little ones are fountains There are two Roman candles and of course a package of firecrackers But you better set those off tomorrowWhen King shares Marty s reaction to his uncle sneaking him a bag of fireworks so his nephew can salvage the Fourth of July celebration he d been looking forward to before the killings cancelled it Marty and Uncle Al cease being characters and become like friends I have to keep reading to make sure my friends will be okay from the werewolf Cycle of the Werewolf reminded me of why King is such a popular author The blood and guts lives up to the title of the book sure but anyone can throw fantastic violence at the reader King s endurance is due to his characters who come across as real folks the kind I imagine King spotted at his local hardware store working on home improvement projects and maybe knocking back a six pack of Black Label beer afterwards ordinary folks who happen to be dealing with some extraordinary shit A 1985 film version adapted by King as Silver Bullet featured Corey Haim as Marty and Gary Busey as Uncle Al While giving the viewer of these characters never a leading man Busey earns every dollar of his affordably priced fee it s simply a conventional creature feature A portmanteau type film consisting of twelve werewolf stories for each month of the year like the bestselling book duh would ve been much exciting