• Hardcover
  • 128
  • রূপা
  • Humayun Ahmed
  • Bengali
  • 13 August 2018
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Free read রূপা ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ??ে Silver না হয়ে uick Silver নাম হলে ভাল হল। কুইক সিলভার হল ‘পা?. The book is based on an upper middle class family living in Dhaka Said family consists of Rupa the main character her father Mr Harun and their servant One day however an unexpected guest arrives at their door whose name is Rashed and who is a lecturer in an American university The story therefore begins revolving around Rupa Rashed Harun and othersview spoilerRashed however came to the wrong house and therefore gets kicked out after a while Mr Harun on the other hand brings home a child with alleged paranormal power Rashed wanders around and Rupa paints pictures Mr Harun annoys his ex wife and hunts for paranormal eventsThe plot isn t uite different from any other Humayun book There

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