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  • Hardcover
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  • Schools of Hope
  • Norman H. Finkelstein
  • English
  • 10 July 2018
  • 9781590788417

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Read & Download ì Schools of Hope 104 The face of education in the South changed for the better It was the early 1900s a time of discrimination racial segregation and inadeuate education for African Americans Rosenwald created a special fund that in just twenty years built. Not everyone would agree with Julius Rosewald s way of education for African American kids At least he made a difference to thousands of Black students He provided clean and well euipped schools where students learn basic academics and vocational training He even backed some students in higher learning for those who really want to be a doctor or lawyer Of course he provide some financial support However he got the local community to come together to get the rest of the finances and building schools and programs

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Read & Download ì Schools of Hope 104 When Booker T Washington the famed African American educator asked Julius Rosenwald the wealthy president of Sears Roebuck and Company and noted philanthropist to help him build well designed and fully euipped schools for black children. Great story about how the wealthy president of Sears Roebuck and Company and noted philanthropist heavily influenced by Booker T Washington spent millions of his fortune to help build thousands of well designed and fully euipped schools for black children His philanthropy also extended to funding black colleges and fellowships to students pursuing higher education Accessibly written and handsomely designed I wish the author the author discussed in the detail the differing education philosophies of Washington and WEB DuBois

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Read & Download ì Schools of Hope 104 Than 5300 schools attended by 600000 black students In this inspiring story noted nonfiction writer Norman H Finkelstein spotlights one man's legacy and the power of community action Includes uotations a detailed bibliography and index. Schools of Hope gives a different view of the era of segregation by looking at the state of education for African Americans before integration I found this book to be a very inspiring look at cooperation between races at a time when that was rare Booker T Washington inspired Julius Rosenwald head of Sears Roebuck and Company to be a major contributor to build adeuate schools for African American children in the South In turn Rosenwald inspired communities to work together to raise funds and provide work for the schools in exchange for matching fundsThis short book is very comprehensive including pictures of the schools both pre and post Rosenwald historical cartoons from the era architectural drawings of the schools and pictures of historical figures among others End materials include detailed source notes a bibliography including books journals newspapers and websites an index and picture creditsI highly recommend this book as an addition to school libraries especially It will be a great addition to add variety to civil rights era curriculum It will add depth to discussion on segregation and will bring relevancy to students as they can all relate to the issue of schools and education