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Perfect Couple review ☆ 104 Free read Perfect Couple Elationship apart A tropical holiday seems like the perfect opportunity to get things back on track Instead that's where the real dramas begi. I usually rave about Hansen s writing but this is his only novel that I haven t enjoyed

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Perfect Couple

Perfect Couple review ☆ 104 Free read Perfect Couple Sandra and Rowan are the perfect couple – or so it seems Rowan's advertising agency is poised on the brink of success while Sandy pursues h. Perfect Couple is the third stand alone novel by Sydney author Derek Hansen Sandra and Rowan Madison seem like the perfect couple Rowan has a promising advertising agency Sandra a fulfilling physiotherapy career they have a wonderful home in Mosman and two beautiful daughters their friends all envy them There s trouble in paradise however Rowan s under pressure to expand his business and Sandra is sick of his philandering ways Hoping to inject back some of the magic into their marriage Rowan takes Sandra to one of his Fiji resort accounts combining business with pleasure Sandra never dreams that an impu

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Perfect Couple review ☆ 104 Free read Perfect Couple Er own busy career from home They have two gorgeous daughters and a nice house What could they desireA hell of a lot and it's ripping their r. Oh dear What happened Derek Hansen was uite possibly my all time favourite author Note the was I d read the first two of his Lunch with books and A Man you can bank on and absolutely loved them Hansen was such a fantastic writer and I couldn t wait to read of his work Then I read this book It was fine good even but I didn t feel that it was up to the standard of his other booksMy main problem to start with was that an author needs to have likeable characters they can be bad guys but you still have to be able to like them In this book I disliked both Sandra and Rowan so found I couldn t respect either of the