High Lonesome (E–book)

  • Paperback
  • 160
  • High Lonesome
  • Louis LAmour
  • English
  • 11 February 2020
  • 9780553259728

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Read & Download High Lonesome 100 Louis LAmour à 0 characters Irl he'd seen a couple nights eariler He remembered her face and now he knew he wanted her Only she had a band of Apaches closing on herConsidine didn't have much choice he. My favorite thing about this book was the prose and a bit of the dialogue I like how conversations just start are short but tell you a lot The real thrill is when you get about a page of prose perhaps describing the country the Indians or just the outlaw s way of life I did find myself wandering in thought on this one sometimes losing my place as I forgot what I read Besides that this is a pretty solid western a short read you can do in a day if you want to

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High Lonesome

Read & Download High Lonesome 100 Louis LAmour à 0 characters Considine stuck up the bank lit a shuck for old Mexico with a sackful of gold coins and a posse hot on tail He had a good chance to make it clean But he cut the trail of a g. As I ve said before westerns are not my favorite genre not even close But I still try to stretch myself by reading things that I may not normally choose Such is the case with this one And I didn t like it The story was very elementary too simple really which is probably why I don t like this genre It s too simple Give me complexity and twists I listened to the Audible version narrated by David Strathairn He s an outstanding actor but his droning voice did nothing to capture my attention This is one case in which I probably would have liked the printed version better Maybe I ll reread this one day in paperback format

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Read & Download High Lonesome 100 Louis LAmour à 0 characters Pulled out his rifle checked the shells put his spurs to his horse and left the gold behind him in the desertHe knew his chances were pretty damn thin but so were the girl's. Near as I can tell L Amour wasn t the sort of writer who says Challenge accepted Mr Shakespeare He wanted to be a humble storyteller and make a pile of money instead No shame in that but there s enough damn fine writing sprinkled throughout this novel that I wish he had said Challenge accepted Mr TwainAnyway the plot s good trending from a bank heist into a rescue mission Don t play the game of guessing which characters are going to survive at the end and you should have a nice time My only real problem was that the axis of the story turns on when the boy first meets the girl and that scene should have been handled with a little care and depth I m not asking for Romeo and Juliet here but break a sweat on this part Lou because your story demands it End of sermon