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Crossroad Download × 107 For his action in an attempt to save his public reputation Ironically instead of filing charges against the rich superstar and settling for a whopping amount of money she finds herself falling in love with him instead to the displeasure of her friend WARNING This book contains mature language and content intended for 18 readers only A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimite.

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Crossroad Download × 107 Carren a twenty five year old African American a low income earning single mom living a neighborhood with the highest crime rate in Brooklyn is going through a big crisis in her life She’s faced with the uphill task of finding a job that will help her earn a steady income to take good care of her son’s welfare to prevent social services from taking him away After several failed attempts she’s downcast and nearly gives u.

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Crossroad Download × 107 P when her friend Minaj helps her find a decent job as a waiter in a popular restaurant in Brooklyn But as things start to turn right side up she encounters Johnson a rich super star player in the NHL and her son’s role model Johnson Brown a player for the New York Islanders nearly destroys her happiness when under the influence of alcohol he accidently knocks her son unconscious He doesn’t immediately take responsibility.

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