[PDF/EBOOK] The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek
  • Richard Kluger
  • English
  • 01 September 2020
  • 9780307268891

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characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Richard Kluger Richard Kluger ¸ 0 review Summary The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek The nearly 400 year confrontation between the native peoples of the Western Hemisphere and the white settlers from Europe was marked from first to last by the newcomers’ conviction that they were entitled – by cultural superiority moral enlightenment and God’s grace – to displace the primitive inhabitants and make the land their ownAmong the last places in North America where this stark racial collision played itself out was the bountiful Puget Sound region in what was then known as the Washington Territory in the northwestern corner of the United States There thanks to moderate climate sheltering mountain ranges lush forests crystal pure waterways teeming with wildlife and the absence of predatory neighbors the local tribes had prospered in their remote paradise for some 10000 yearsAll that suddenly ended in the middle of the n. Audiobook Reader okay More like 25 starsHaving lived in the Pacific Northwest since the early 70 s I was eager to learn about the history In this book I found I already had a pretty good range of knowledge To me the writing was very turgid and wordy Sometimes there is such as thing as too much detail much of which was repetitiveI don t know if it would come off better if a reader knew nothing about the history It could have been a better book but the information is importantNeighborhoodsschools and areas are named with first peoples words or names AlkiDuwamishLeschi Chief Seath and are named after early settlers like Stevens DennyBorenBell The impact of the history of native and white peoples is still all around us here We ve had such an influx of new residents in the last 5 to 10 years one wonders what they know or if they careMany of the native people still live in poverty and marginalization The Duwamish are still struggling for recognitionhttprealchangenewsorg20130227

Summary The Bitter Waters of Medicine CreekThe Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek

characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Richard Kluger Richard Kluger ¸ 0 review Summary The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek Ir brethren who resisted him and in doing so stirred up the gross abuse of power and the licensing of injustice on our last frontierHere is Richard Kluger’s poignant rendering of the tragic relationship between the red and white races told in graphic detail Our social literature abounds with accounts of how racist degradation was visited on the far numerous black and Hispanic Americans Yet the nation’s self righteous methodical dispossession of the Indians has been largely dismissed by whites as the sad but inevitable price of social and technological progress Through the experience of a single tribe The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek seeks to clarify the historical record It also tells in a hopeful epilogue the latest chapter of the Nisually tribe’s struggle to endure amid the mounting pressures of twenty first century modernity. As a transplant to western Washington I followed the news of the historical court which considered the 150 year old case against Leschi a Nisually Indian leader who organized resistance to an unjust treaty Kluger s narrative based on very thoroughgoing research covers the background principal actors and aftermath of the trial and conviction of Leschi while making the case for his exoneration Kluger doesn t stop there but summarizes the subseuent history of the Nisuallys before relating the events leading to a joint resolution urging some kind of judicial exoneration of Kleschi and the successful effort to reconsider the case before a specially convened court

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characters ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¸ Richard Kluger Richard Kluger ¸ 0 review Summary The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek Ineteenth century when a proud retired young US Army major an engineer with high political ambitions was appointed the first governor of newly acuired 100000 suare mile Washington Territory Isaac Ingalls Stevens’s primary task was to persuade the natives that their only hope for survival was to sign treaties handing over their ancestral lands to the American government in exchange for protection from oncoming whites eager to turn the wilderness into crop land But one tribal chief at Puget Sound Leschi of the Nisually nation insisted that his people be dealt with fairly and not coerced into surrendering virtually their entire sacred homeland without just compensation The Bitter Waters of Medicine Creek is the emblematic story of this confrontation between the headstrong American governor and the defiant leader of the Nisuallies and the. I wanted to give this book four or even five stars because the research and information contained in it are excellent The author set himself the ambitious task of reviewing historical records and documents in a search to tell the history of Leschi a Nisually native leader who was hanged for murder as a result of native uprisings subseuent to treaties that virtually stripped the Northwest Indigenous nations of tribal lands in the early years of Washington territory While I enjoyed the informative historical account of the early years of the Washington and Oregon territories the scope of the book exceeded its focus resulting in a rather unwieldy final product The author s compelling narrative weaves various accounts and other records of events leading to the violence that ended in the arrest and trial of Leschi However I was disappointed in the author s inability to get out of the way and let his storytelling do the work to convince the reader He tended to use too much authorial argument in presenting the story which became tedious with repetition Further a great part of the book is a lengthy biography of the first territorial governor Isaac Stevens whose high handed dealings with Northwest tribes invited the subseuent uprisings Appended to the text is a retelling of the Washington State Supreme Court s 2004 review of the historical trial of Chief Leschi and their subseuent pardon issued 146 years after his death Final chapters present a detailed account of Nisually tribal politics and government since establishment and administration of a profitable modern casino on tribal lands While all of this information was very interesting the book lacked cohesion and structure Because it was so informative about subjects I rarely encounter in print I am very sorry to give it a lower rating I enjoyed revisiting early Territorial history of the Pacific Northwest and I hope that other authors will delve into the fascinating stories to be found in our region s rich history